Warning: Malicious Domain Blocked

You were redirected to this webpage because the website you were trying to visit is in a domain that is believed to be an IT security threat.

This redirection was not based on the content of the website you tried to visit. U-M blocks websites in domains identified as having malware, identity theft, phishing, or other security or privacy-related threats as identified to us by trusted sources or other U-M specific IT security threat information.

U-M does not necessarily believe that the owner of the website is deliberately participating in malicious activity. Blocking frequently occurs because an otherwise legitimate website is a victim of an attack, and the malicious actors are now using the website for malicious activities.

If you need to access the site for any reason, please let us know by clicking the following button and filling out the web form. We do not want to interfere with legitimate activity and appreciate your help in reporting any problems.

Information Assurance staff will review problem reports, analyze the website, evaluate the potential risk to U-M, and get back to you with a response. In some cases, owners of websites may not know their websites are hosted on servers that contain malware, especially if the website shares a server with many other websites. If we believe enabling access to the website would present an unacceptable risk to U-M and you disagree, you may appeal the decision to the U-M Chief Information Security Officer (privacy@umich.edu). Questions can be directed to the ITS Service Center.

Learn more about phishing and malicious websites: